Meet the Developers


Thank You!

C28 wants to give the following shout-outs to some amazing people:

To our instructors: we thank you for all of your patience, guidance and encouragement through this entire bootcamp adventure. You are all amazing and we are forever grateful! Thank you Joe, Jenna, Greg, Kimmy and Brenda!

To our career developers: we thank you for helping us make our resumes and one-sheets look incredible and preparing us for our post-NSS lives. Also, the career professionals that you scheduled and brought in-house to talk with us were all incredibly helpful. Thank you Kristin and Ashley!

To the NSS Staff: it takes a lot of work to keep the school running smoothly and you all do a great job. We appreciate all of your work! Thank you Jeremiah, Laura and Mandy!

We are particularly grateful for John Wark and his vision for Nashville Software School. We wouldn't be here without you and we thank you!

Finally, a huge thank you to all of the people who brought this class website together: Sebastian Civarolo, Kelly Morin, Jessica Barnett, Jase Hackman, Zac Jones, Dillon Williams, Austin Zoradi, Rachel Daniel, Elyse Dawson, and Richard Lancaster.